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  • Value for money
  • Varied options
  • Personalized Experience
  • Increased prospect for long term growth
  • Take benefits of federal schemes to grow
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Startup India


The #Startup20 Sikkim Sabha meeting saw participation from over 200 dignitaries, #G20 member and invitee countries, international organisations & national delegates.

We witnessed physical participation from 12 member countries & 3 invitee countries.

@g20org @Startup20org

To conclude the Startup20 Sikkim Sabha meeting, the delegates visited the Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim.

@g20org @Startup20org

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Strategic discussions were conducted on Day 2 at the #Startup20 Sikkim Sabha under the 5 taskforces with experts on objectives, policy actions & outcomes and collaboration of initiatives with other task forces. @g20org @Startup20org

#G20 #StartupIndia #Startups #Entrepreneurs


Deputy Secretary, Shri Sachin Dhania and The Startup India team at the Startup20 G20 Sikkim Sabha Gala dinner.

@g20org @Startup20org

#G20 #Startup20 #StartupIndia #Startups #Entrepreneurs #IndianStartups #StartupEcosystem

Does your startup need the expertise to create futuristic chatbots? Learn through free online courses available at the Startup India portal. ​

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